FIBCs – Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers, are also known as:
– Jumbo bags
– Bulk bags
– Big bags
– Container bags
– Flexible containers

SEACAN  is committed to keeping your values intact, so we have invested in a new state-of-the-art factory that uses vertical integration, along with our standard factory, to produce one million bulk containers a month. Our vertical integration production line includes material mixing, extruding (PP tape-line and mono-filament tape-line), laminating, belt, rope making process printing and complete weaving phase. Each of these production phases is tested for quality control using advanced devices made in the USA and UK. This investment in vertical integration helps to free us from depending on accessory suppliers ensuring product quality control meets the highest standards for the whole production flow and ensures your order is delivered on time.

Our Features

Container For Chemical

As the scope of strict requirements for chemical use, it is only allowed to develop standard test methods and means of evaluation, a formal liaison is required with ISO and other industrial regulations, which enable to develop standard performance requirements and classifications for the product groups it covers. 

Container For Food

All food grade FIBCs supplied by SEACAN are produced to industrial standards to ensure they are suitable for packing foodstuffs for human consumption. The bags are manufactured in strict clean room conditions using state of the art ultrasonic cutting and sewing equipment. Every food grade FIBC undergo a number of quality checks to eliminate the possibility of contamination.

Container For Mineral

SEACAN  supplies a wide selection of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs) to meet both large and small volume requirements. Our bags are manufactured from FDA approved materials in a durable woven polypropylene construction with custom features designed to meet every application. Our stringent design and testing program combine with strict quality control methods to ensure the highest possible quality FIBC available.

Container For Plastic

Our big bags products for plastic industry are manufactured in accordance with internationally approved standards complete from resin phase, metal detecting to quality controlling and packing phase. They can be tubular or square bags. PP woven fabrics can be both laminated or nonlaminated and vary in SWF.

Our Products

We provide you with the Complete Package – products and services that address your bulk packaging needs at all levels.